Yacht Crew Insurance Solves Health Problems For Those at Sea

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Do you live or work at sea? If you do, you will be interested in special insurance that was created for your unique needs. That type of insurance is yacht crew insurance, and you will find it to be very valuable coverage.
Yacht crew insurance, also commonly referred to as marine crew insurance, better suits your needs than other types of health insurance. The geographic and healthcare provider limitations that can make using common insurance plans difficult are not present with marine crew coverage.
The type of yacht crew insurance coverage you need will be determined by where you are traveling. If you are traveling around the U.S. and Canada, you can get coverage for these countries as well as the rest of the world. If your travels do not take you to these countries, then you can get coverage for the rest of the world only.
Coverage on most marine crew health insurance plans features up to $5,000,000 lifetime maximum coverage and deductibles of anywhere from $250 to $5,000. The ability to choose from a range of deductibles helps ensure that your plan is affordable.
If you have U.S. and Canada coverage, then eligible claims made after reaching your yacht crew insurance deductible will be subject to coinsurance. This coinsurance rate is 20%, and it is in effect for the next $5,000 worth of eligible claims you make. After that, 100% of expenses (up to the plan maximum) will be covered. There is no coinsurance for eligible claims made after reaching your deductible amount for non-U.S./Canada coverage.
You can also cover your other health needs with marine crew insurance by adding in dental benefits. You will be able to select from three different dental plans, each with a different amount of total coverage. Each one has a $100 deductible.

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