Tights Are A Festival Must-Have

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Festival season is fast approaching and its time to prepare! IPods are loaded with the headliners latest album, wardrobes are invaded with denim hot pant shorts and we’re dusting last year’s mud off our Hunter wellies. But as you pack for your festival, one wardrobe essential you should not forget are tights. Fishnets, suspender, patterned, opaque or sheer tights, come in many different styles that are sure to give your festival look the edge this season.
Now it’s no secret that the British summers comes up a bit damp each year but don’t let that stop you from wearing your favourite summer outfits. Suspender tights and denim hot pant shorts have been seen on everyone worth looking at for style inspiration. Rhianna, Katy Perry and Vanessa Hudgens have all been seen showing of their suspenders tights this season. Even try it with your skater dress or skirt for a flirtier look. They come in an array of colours and style and the best thing is, if you ladder or snag your tights… Who Cares? You’re at a festival, rock that ripped tight look.
Sheer tights are great addition to your festival wardrobe. In the rare occasion that we do get a bit of heat this summer, sheer tight have a low denier so they are still cool and comfortable to wear in the sun. Sheer coloured tights look great with your wellies and when choosing your colour bear in mind this seasons trend of Pastels. Favourites are dusty pinks, sweet lilacs and cornflower blues. You can pick up a pair of tights for cheap as well so you do not have to splash out to keep on trend this season. Pair your sheer tights with a fringe hemmed dress and feather earrings for the bohemian look.
Now what screams rocker more than a Led Zeppelin tee? Fishnets of course! Fishnets tights have made a comeback this season and have been seen on catwalks from Henry Holland and Pucci. There are now different styles of fishnets available. Henry Holland recently showcased a pair of two netted fishnet tights at his summer 12 show. They looked great with his pastel print dress and even added fishnet socks to pastel pink heels. Pair your fishnets with your favourite rock band tee, ripped denim shorts and your leather jacket for the grungy rocker look (but please remember your dry shampoo, greasy is not grungy).
If you’re not the hard core rocker type why not try lace tights. Lace looks great on your legs and again can scream festival style. They come in many different colours and styles and are perfectly cool to wear in the sun. Don’t be scared of them looking too formal. Dress them down with a long loose knit jumper for the nights and in the day pair with an oversized denim shirt, thin waist belt and high top Converse shoes.
So you’re all set festival-goer. Remember, anything goes at festivals so dare to be different and take chances with your style. Tights may not be an obvious item to pack but they extremely versatile and practical for this seas Festival season comes and goes quickly so make the most of camping under the stars with 30,000 other people and following these few tight tips, you will remain stylish at all times.

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