Start Your Own Small Gold Mine With Little to Zero Money

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If you have ever dreamed of an early retirement, I am sure the idea of having a small business has crossed your mind more than once.
Also, I bet that such idea has never turned into reality because you either do not have a lot of capital to put up front to start a business, or you simply do not feel like putting at risk your life’s savings in a business venture.
Whatever the case I do not blame you, because I have been there myself and that line of thought kept me from doing business for a long time.
Now, how did I overcome the fact that I am not rich or that I did not want to risk all my money in a business venture?
Did I suddenly won the lottery or started thinking differently about how I manage my money and the risks I take?
Well no, I did not hit some jackpot nor did I become a financial daredevil, I simply found a way to do what many business people do, but without the need for money or the need put thousands at risk.
To me this was the true realization of the small business I had in mind, because instead of thinking “small” in terms of $50,000, I could think small in terms of $100.
Yes, you read right, I started my small business, the one a make a living from these days with only $100. Of course, I will not deny that as a newbie in business I wasted a lot of money in junk before I got to those well spent $100, but as everything in life, this was a consequence of my lack of know-how at the time.
If I would have had someone to tell me what I know now, or I would have had timely access to good business education and resources, I would have saved a lot of money and I would have spent less than $100 in order to start and scale up my business.
You see, I realized that it is not about money, nor it is about being brilliant or having previous experience, it is about taking the opportunities to educate yourself and then some time to work toward the growth of your small business.

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