Scholarships For Mom – Financial Aid for Moms Going Back to School

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You may think that being a single, working mom spells the end to your dream of a college degree, but that’s where you’re wrong. Thanks to scholarships for working mothers, you can now receive financial aid for your college education. President Obama’s “Scholarship for Mothers” program is largely responsible for making it easier for single mothers to acquire college credits.
Federal Pell Grant
The government’s education program improves the terms of the existing Pell Grant. The maximum scholarship amount has been increased to $10,000. At the same time, the learning environment is now broader. The grant now covers education outside the traditional classroom structure. Distance learning and online education programs are now included in this financial aid for moms.
Why Moms Should Go Back To School
The vast majority of single, working moms do not have a college education, making it difficult for them to earn more. Single mothers often live paycheck to paycheck, barely able to afford basic necessities. For single moms, attending college is out of the question. They work at dead-end, minimum wage jobs with no better prospects for the future. These are moms who desperately need financial aid to get them out of the rut. A college education is oftentimes what they need to qualify for a better job and higher pay.
Scholarships For Single Moms
Scholarships or grants are a form of financial aid for single moms. There are hundreds of different grants being offered by the government and private institutions. They have different eligibilities and requirements. All you have to do is research these grants and see if you qualify for any of them.
The government is offering special scholarships specifically designed for single mothers who want to go back to school. Without financial aid, moms would find it next to impossible to earn a college degree. Scholarships are beneficial to single mothers because they do not have to be repaid.
Other Forms Of Financial Aid For Moms
In addition to educational assistance for single mothers, the government also provides other forms of financial aid. A number of programs provide housing assistance, home improvement, and health care opportunities. Single mothers need all the help they can get and the U.S. government has programs in place to assist working moms.
Perhaps the best assistance you could have is financial aid that will help moms attend college and obtain a degree. Higher education will qualify single mothers to a better job and brighter prospects for the future. Take the first step and apply for a scholarship for single moms now.

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