Oolong Tea Compared With Fruit Juices

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If you think that drinking bottled juice is healthy for you then you need to think again! Juices that are bottled, first off, have many things wrong with them. The benefit of juices comes from freshly squeezed juices that have many enzymes and nutrients in them.
Bottling a drink forces the processing companies to heat the drink to prevent bacteria growth. As a result, all the benefits are lost and what is left is a small amount of vitamins/nutrients and a whole lot of sugar!
Oolong tea, on the other hand, does not go through this process if you make it in your home. In fact, if you have your own tea plant at home then you can be ensured that it will be the healthiest and most natural beverage around!
Compared with juice drinks, Oolong tea wins by far as the healthier choice. It may not be as tasty but that’s because it doesn’t have as much sugar (A good thing).
How to Improve the Taste of Tea’s
Many people dislike the taste of tea when it is unflavored and without many spoons full of sugar. This, however, is the best way to drink your tea if you are looking for the health benefits.
The solution is to use a variety of other sweetener methods. One such method is the use of stevia, a natural sweeter that is many times more sweet than sugar. It also has zero calories which is great for health benefits.
Another option would be to use honey and other sweet natural ingredients. Of course, honey also has sugar and calories so be careful with this option.
Many people think that fruit juices are healthy. And those that know they’re filled with sugar often opt for the healthier versions that are “flash pasteurized” and have less added extra sugar. Although these options are a step above from the standard commercially available fruit juices that are mass produced, they still have lots of sugar and very little fiber.
The beauty of fruits is the package deal: sugar with fiber that allows for easy absorbing without causing insulin spike levels in blood sugar.
Tea is better because it doesn’t have this problem of sugar. It, in fact, is known to help level blood sugar levels as well as other hormones.
Based on all this info provided, which do you think is better to drink often and which isn’t?

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