How to Fix Registry Problems Easily

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There are many causes which can lead to a computer problem. In normal situations, it can be made sure that it is a registry problem as the followings cases: (1) the error message that can’t file when the program is running. (2) The embedded object can’t be found or can’t find the activex OLE on sever. (3) When one file can’t open and the error message is that can’t find the corresponding windows applications to open this sort of file. (4)There are folders or files without icons appearing on windows resource manager. (5) Some items on the Control Panel can’t run or can’t be enabled. (6) The Internet connection can’t be established. (7) The normal working hardware device doesn’t work any more. (8) Windows can’t startup at all or only can start up in safe mode. (9) Windows system prompts that the registry has been crashed.
When these registry errors occur, you can do as the following steps to fix them:
1. Restore the backup for the operating system. If Windows can’t turn on and there is only error message and some system applications don’t work. Click “Start” → “All Programs” → “Accessories” → “System Tools” → “Backup”, click “Restore and Manage Media “tag which is under “Backup Utility” dialog box. The registry can be restored to the previous normal working status. There is a precondition for this method, that is, there must be a backup for normal working status.
2. Restore the registry with the system restore function. This can be done only you can access the system. Click “Start” → “All Programs” → “Accessories” → “System Tools” → “System Restore”, select “Restore my computer to an earlier time”, click “Next”, choose an earlier restore point, and then click “Next” to confirm. Windows XP will restart the system which will restore the system settings to the specified time, and tell restore is complete. If your Windows XP’s System Restore feature is turned off, you can click “Start” → “Control Panel” → “System”, and click “System Restore” tab, untick the option “Turn off System Restore on all drivers.”
There are still some methods which need to modify the computer registry. It is suggested not make any changes to the registry if there is any other method. If there is anything wrong change made to the registry, the computer will crash immediately. The best method is to fix registry problems with a registry cleaner. You’d better read some reviews before buying a registry cleaner. Some products are compared and then you can choose the best service. RegistryMum registry cleaner is the best seller on the market now. If you have any question about the registry errors, you can visit .

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