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Imagine you being that super lover that your girl deserves! This is every girl’s sexual fantasy to meet a charm rock in bed. Well this is not hard only if you know what to do. First there are some basic things that have to be on your mind, like what does your girl like? How does she like to be touched? Where is her sensual hotspot? (Every girl has a sex spot on her body) and how long does it take to satisfy her sexually? this article will help you with the basics though on a general level, once you can do this then you will be able to make every girls fantasy a reality.
Amazing foreplay
You should not just rush into sex with your girl if you have not browsed through her body. Take your time and massage every of your girls body from her neck to her feet is very sensual but you will have to discover that which works for your girl, i.e. where she like to be touched the most. In every girl, they like to be fondled and caressed on their breasts, neck, inner thighs, abdomen and the back. So you will have to take your time to discover that which will give the most pleasure. Touch, squeeze, fondle, suck and smooch all this sensitive areas on your woman, but remember take your time that way you will be able to discover that which she really likes.
Sex positions
Some people feel that this does not count but believe me it does. Your sex position not only adds to the erotic sensation that you both will be feeling but also it can determine her achieving orgasm. Most people don’t change sex style during love making, this is archaic you should know how to spread love in different ways. Personally I always recommend the missionary style and the doggy style to my audience but this is not mandatory as you can also discover one that will work for you and your girl. Sex is flexible so make it be for you too.
Last long in bed
This is what every woman wants someone that will be able to hold ejaculation long enough to satisfy her. Guys ejaculate faster that girls, this is only natural so you have to be able to delay ejaculation so as to satisfy your girl. This requires practice and experience. But some guys suffer from premature ejaculation. This is when you cannot delay ejaculation long enough to satisfy your woman. There is no known cause but there are ways through which it can be resolved.
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