Fashion Jewellery – Standing the Test of Time

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I am sitting by the beach sipping cool juice and looking through a colorful catalog of jewelry designs. Come to think of it, jewelry has been very intrinsic to the human beings from the beginning of time. My mind races past the ages to the early ages where men and women fashioned round billets out of stone or mud and later wood and metals and tied them around the neck, waist and other body parts to embellish themselves. What is it that makes man adorn himself with jewelry, I wonder. Human beings use the nature around them and the natural products to fashion jewelry to be worn over their bodies. There is a deeper inner urge to make the body look beautiful. This seems to be the urge which is ever present across all times, across both men and women. Even in remote Africa the communities have their own style of fashion jewellery, which they make out of all natural materials.
History is always full of stories of wars and the treasures of kings. Jewellery has always been at the center of man’s possessions and wars. Precious metals and stones have defined the royal style and grandeur. Fashion jewelry from the beginning of time has been flaunted by society. Every society and community has different styles and designs. Europeans use very geometric designs in their designs of fashion jewelry and also use crystals and different colored stones both natural and artificial coupled with different types of metals. Indian and Asian fashion jewelry is very heavy with intricate patterns and designs and use a lot of Gems, stones, pearls and silk in their fashion jewelry items. Each of the regions and cultures add their own flavor to the fashion jewelry of the time and show case their own identity of culture.
Fashion jewellery is not just limited to anyone body part. From head to toe all different body parts wear different jewelry. Head gear consists of various types of hair clips, head bands and plaint adornments. Nose rings are made of many types from studs, rings, and many other designs which are won. Bangles and bracelets designs will vary across society and communities. Fashion jewelry is not limited to the bangles and head gear alone. The chains and different types of necklaces adorning the neck are popular in all communities. Anklets and toe rings also find a lot of demand in Asian market for fashion jewelry.
It is quite amazing how fashion jewelry has truly stood the test of time. There are jewelry items from every time period in which people have expressed themselves with.

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