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Slowdown is never a good thing when it comes to your computer, but it’s especially annoying when your computer is slow to shut down. Ensuring that your computer turns off properly can be a real ordeal if it takes an excessive amount of time, and this problem makes having to restart your computer even more annoying than it already is.
Learn why your computer is taking so long to shut down, and what you can do to speed that process up.
Why Your Computer is Slow to Shut Down
There are a wide range of reasons why your computer is lagging behind, and realistically your problem is probably due to a combination of multiple issues. The main issues almost always revolve around asking your computer to do too many things and slog through too large of a digital mess.
Your computer’s registry is overloaded with files that are corrupted, damaged or empty.

Your computer doesn’t have enough memory.

You are running too many programs at the same time. This is especially problematic when you are running a lot of passive problems that you aren’t even aware of.

You need to defrag your computer and remove all of the fragmented and broken miscellaneous files clogging it up.
How to Speed Things Up when your Computer is Slow to Shut Down
The nice thing about your computer running slowly is the fact that it’s a pretty easy and mild problem to fix. Here are a handful of things you can do to get your system running on nitro again.
Upgrade your memory. If you’re computer is running slowly it can be because there isn’t enough free memory to complete all tasks easily. Getting more memory is a cheap and fast fix.

Be conscious of how many programs you are running and cut out the inessential. Look at what programs automatically boot up when you start your computer and make sure they are all necessary and desired.

Defragment your hard drive at least once a month. This process can take a long time as your defrag program is going to have to look at every file on your computer and identify the broken ones. It’s a good idea to start a defragmentation right before bed and let it run through the night.
The Best Fix- Get a Registry Cleaner
A problematic registry is the number one reason for systems running slowly and why a computer is slow to shut down. Getting a registry cleaner is a very simple matter, and unlike defragging your hard drive identifying and fixing errors in your registry takes a very short amount of time. Whether your computer is slow to shut down or if it is just slow in general, a good registry cleaner will fix the vast majority of your speed problems.

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