Apple Tops 2017 Smartphone Holiday Season Purchasing List, Google Missing Out Of Chart: Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics has Published data that Reveals Apple’s Art in the holiday gifting Market.

In the week leading up to Christmas 2017, Apple’s iPhone and iPad models secured as much as 44 percent of the total device activations. Samsung came in second at 26 percent and Huawei was ranked third with 5 percent share of device activations.

As per its report, Flurry Analytics has released insights for its most gifted smartphones and tablets on earth. In the week before Christmas, the report recorded 44 percent of the overall sales attributed to Appleapparatus, a major chunk of that are the iPhone and iPad. Samsung in 26 percent, gained five percent over a year’s share owing to the achievement of this Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. Huawei was third with a 5% share, while Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, and Oppo took the following four spots with 3 percent share of device activations each. Vivo rounded off the record with a two percent share of device activation.

The value of the iPhone 6 in addition to this listing indicates that cost was a significant factor for iPhone buyers this holiday season. A majority ditched the premium iPhone X in favour of the value-for-money iPhone 6.

“This is actually the first year that Vivo has experienced significant adoption, which may result from their expansion in China and India. Google is once again missing from this graph, despite the fanfare around the initiation of the Pixel two,” said the site article on Flurry’s website.

This report also noted that phablet apparatus (5-6.9 inches) successfully obtained over medium sized telephones (3.5-4.9 inches) from the holiday season with 53% of all device activations. This is a huge 16 percent increase over the 37 percent share of phablets reported in 2016. With complete screen displays becoming the norm at 2017, phablets were an obvious choice for the gifting season.

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