Addiction Economics 101

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In all it is near impossible to put a monetary cost on an addiction in a lifetime. The finances don’t even start to include the health hazards, emotional problems and long list of relationships that can suffer throughout the process. Although, what if you knew some of the overall costs of an addiction? Would it make you think twice? Would it inspire you to seek rehabilitation for yourself or a loved one?
The monetary costs of addiction add up tremendously over time. In drinking just two-six packs of beer a day, an individual can ring up an unhealthy bill of close to five hundred dollars in one year. This is not to mention a dissolving liver, hearth problems, gaining of weight and a possible loss of work.
When looking at harmful drug addictions, an individual is most likely going to spend much, much more. With respects to an addiction to marijuana, let’s say an individual spends on average five dollars a day. Now, this is a low estimate, but it will work just for the sake of an example. In one year, a marijuana addict could rack up a bill of over seventeen hundred dollars each year. This would be prior to health bills, loss of work and the risk of cancer and/or illness.
Other monetary costs that may be included with addiction are that of legal bills. DUI’s, bail outs, warrants and traffic tickets are all very expensive. This is not to mention time in and out of court, which may require extra day-case expenses and time off work.
Besides that of monetary costs, there are also health costs and other costs that follow the path of an unhealthy addiction. Some of the additional costs may include but are not limited to:
Loss of Wages or Time at Work:
An addiction can debilitate your productivity both physically and mentally. Often times it is difficult to wake up after using, or to complete simple skills such as getting dressed or bathing. For this reason an addiction to either drugs or alcohol may make for a person missing out on time and valuable wages at work. This making their financial lives both difficult and draining.
Loss of Time:
The amount of time it can take to locate your drugs and/or alcohol, buy the substance, and travel back to your home to use, takes a significant amount of time. What else could you be productively doing with this time? This time could be used to: enhance your job/work related skills, spend time with your family and/or friends or to exercise and take better care of your body.
There are many reasons why not to use and/or abuse drugs or alcohol. Although if you know someone who is currently suffering from an alcohol or drug related addiction, consult with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center at earliest convenience.

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